Shamva Mobile Legal Aid Clinic

JCT conducted mobil legal aid clinic (MLAC) in Shamva district at Shamva Gold Mine. Shamva being a mining town like many other mining communities is characterized by several child protection challenges such as child marriages and child sexual abuse.   The MLACs entail taking legal services to the communities to remote rural communities to cater for those unable to travel and access legal services.  Prior to the MLAC an awareness raising was held on child rights and responsibilities as well as gender based violence.  It emerged from the discussions with the participants that issues of Gender based violence were rampant in the community. Through the use of the concept of mobile legal aid clinics, the organisation is ensuring that legal services are brought to the people and are accessible to them in their various communities. To support and compliment the mobile aid legal clinics, the organisation works with Community Paralegals in various communities where community members have been trained to be watch dogs of child rights violations in their communities, which, should be reported upon identification.

JCT officer assisting a client