Believemore H. Dirorimwe

Believemore H. Dirorimwe

Board Chairperson

Believemore is a Chartered Accountant with wealth of experience in accountancy, auditing, financial management and financial reporting. He brings expertise in Financial Management and Financial Reporting. Prior to taking up the role of Chairperson, Believemore served on the JCT Board as the Vice Chairperson.

Marko Chiwaridzo

Vice Chairperson

Marko is a Legal Practitioner by profession. He has vast experience within the legal fraternity and has worked in the private sector, government and civic society. His experience in the justice sector will contribute in shaping the organisation’s strategies of developing a child friendly justice system.

Lucia Chadyiwa

Board Treasurer

Lucia has work in Finance and Administration specialising in grant management, ICT and finance management in general. She has experience working in the private sector and civic society. Lucia has worked in Zimbabwe and in other Southern African countries. Lucia enjoys traveling, cooking and reading.

Leticia Hari

Board Member

Leticia is a qualified Accountant. Leticia brings experience in grant management having worked for national, regional and international civic society organisations. Leticia brings to the organisation expertise in human resource management, resource mobilization and grant management.

Dr. Munyoro is a registered Medical Practitioner, who has worked in both the public and private health sector of the country. She has experience working with children as they access their health rights including dealing with children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. In addition to her experience in the hospital setting she is an accomplished researcher and lecturer, thus she is a great asset in developing the research unit of the organistion.

Sennie Makunike

Board Member

Sennie is an Educationist who has worked in the Ministry of Education and has experience in the Government schools and private schools. Sennie is passionate about equipping children to be able to protect themselves. She is a counsellor who enjoys public speaking and tennis.

Alice Kanyenge

Board Member

Alice is a seasoned Human Resources Practitioner and Administrator, who has wealth of experience in human resources policy development, management and administration. Alice’s expertise in human resources management will contribute in aligning resources, particularly human capital to the organisation’s strategy and business objectives.

Dr Alpha Manjera

Board Member

Alpha has worked in Project Management for over 10 years wherein he specialized in Policy Research & Analysis and Policy Advocacy. Alpha is an Economist by profession, who holds a BSc in Agricultural Economics, a Master of Development Economics, DPhil of Commerce (Agribusiness Policies and Innovations and also Diploma in Project Design Monitoring and Evaluation. Alpha has published several publications in his area of expertise. He brings expertise in program management, monitoring and evaluation, research and policy analysis and advocacy.

Blessing Makwara

Board Member

Blessing has over 12 years’ experience working with Church Based Organizations, wherein he has implemented various projects. Blessing has expertise in civil society strengthening, social accountability, advocacy and fundraising. He also has vast experience as both a technical person and team leader within development, democracy, rights and governance sector where he worked with Faith Based organisations, Community Based organisations local and the international NGOs. He holds a Masters in International Relations and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Political Science.