JCT’S interventions in schools are empowering children to participate and to become knowledgeable on legal issues that affect them with a view to ensure that they contribute in the fight against child rights violations. This is achieved through the Child Law Forum Project which was introduced in secondary schools in the districts of Harare, Mutasa and Bulawayo and other areas. The clubs give children an opportunity to discuss and share experiences on legal issues that affect them and to seek recourse where there is violation of their rights. Club members meet during the time allocated to club activities at their respective schools. The peer coordinators (teachers) who are the club patrons based at the schools guide the clubs.

The Clubs were influential in the constitutional reform agenda as they carried districts consultations which highlighted the problematic legal issues that were affecting children which were incorporated into Section 81 of the current Constitution. The clubs are empowering children to act on violation of children’s rights including sexual abuse which has become a common phenomenon in the communities. Some of the club Members have now graduated and are keen on building on a generation of children and young people who fight for human rights and democracy.