Justice for Children (JCT) joins the world in commemorating the International Women’s Day. There is no doubt that women play a pivotal role in our society.  Throughout history the role of women has ensured the long term development and sustainability of nations, particularly their vital role of raising children. Numerous studies have shown that children’s rights cannot be guaranteed in a framework that diminishes women’s status and discriminates against women. Gender bias indeed has a negative impact on women and children’s access to numerous resources including education, healthcare and decision making.  Several studies on economic growth and education confirms that failure to invest in girls and women’s education can lower the gross national product. Furthermore studies indicate that the probability of children being enrolled in school increases with their mother’s educational level.  Efforts to uplift a woman begin when she is just a girl. Educating a girl is educating a nation and an educated girl is in a better position to assert her rights. There are ripple effects in educating a girl which benefit the nation as a whole, which also spill over into her adulthood. Educated girls and women are healthier, have the skills to make choices over their own future and can develop themselves, their communities and their countries thereby rescuing them from the bondage of poverty.

In 2020 we as JCT honour the achievements of women throughout history and all across the globe from all different backgrounds and cultures.  The battle for gender parity requires efforts from both males and females since collaborative work can definitely bring a significant change. It goes without saying that, “when you empower a woman, you empower a nation”. Give her the opportunity to reach her full potential and enjoy the results.